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PS410 Photo Scanner from Kodak

Kodak PS810 scanner

List Price: $1,995.00
Our Price: $1,790.00

Kodak PS410 Photo Scanner At a Glance

Kodak logo

  • Up to 30 pictures (4 x 6-inch size) per minute at 300 dpi
  • Scan up to 25 mixed-size pictures per batch
  • 25-picture auto feeder
  • Post-scan image sharpening
  • Automatic orientation of images
  • Capture both sides of photos and documents with one scan – for maximum speed and productivity
  • Optional A3 flatbed scanner – to handle oversize or fragile photos, documents and bound materials

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Kodak PS410 Photo Scanner Details

These days anyone will be able to transform a lifetime of memories and effortlessly share, preserve, print or display them in unique ways. Generate out-of-the-box profits with the Kodak PS410 photo scanner.

The KODAK PS410 photo scanner effortlessly helps to convert hundreds, even thousands of pictures, postcards and various other memorabilia into digital files.

It’s easy: You are able to quickly and safely scan, restore and enhance image quality to old photos then save them on DVDs, portable USB drives, CDs and even KODAK Picture CDs.

The PS410 Scanner Has Powerful Easy to Use Features:

  • Gentle photo handling – with the KODAK Gentle Photo Separation Module, the specially designed transport treats every photo with extra-gentle care; an optional document separation module is also available
  • KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology built in – for bright, vibrant colors and rich detail in addition to the ability to improve contrast and color balance and correct red eye
  • Flexible workflow – start, stop, or reopen an existing scanning job at any point in the capture-edit-output cycle; this gives you the flexibility, for example, to stop a current job, start an urgent new customer order, and then easily reopen and finish the previous job without losing productivity
  • Slideshow and upload feature – provides an automatic slideshow of a customer’s images on a KODAK Picture CD, plus optional uploads to the KODAK Gallery (with a link to one-step downloading of KODAK EASYSHARE Software)
  • Automatic image straightening – delivers auto deskew for proper image alignment
  • Software-based image cleaning – to reduce artifacts from environmental factors, such as dust
  • Optional A3 flatbed scanning – to handle oversize or fragile photos, documents and bound materials

Powerful KODAK Picture Saver Scanning Software:
Icon-based navigation and an intuitive interface makes it a snap to create high-quality images with ease

  • Change settings mid-job – for greater control over how photos are scanned, enhancing your workflow
  • Output to CDs/DVDs/portable USB drives/KODAK Picture CDs – one-button ease for transferring images to a variety of media
  • Smart Touch functionality – for document scanning, lets you assign one-button shortcuts to common scanning tasks to save time and simplify operations

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