Kofax Express all in one batch scanning solution will simplify all your business scanning requirements. (Have Questions? Call: 888-395-8570)

digitize files, eliminate filing cabinets with document scanning services with Kofax Express
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Kofax Express: All-In-One, Easy Batch Scanning

Make short work of batches big and small with the Kofax Express document scanning software. Kofax Express can help you scan, organize and store documents in an express fashion.

Key Features: Click on any of the key features below for more details.

  • Intuitive and User Friendly Interface
  • Integration w/ SharePoint and Other Systems
  • Highest Image Quality
  • Point and Click Rescan
  • Searchable PDF
  • Bar Code Capabilities
  • Image Compression
  • Visual Undo History
  • Background Export
  • Database Lookup
  • Rubber Band OCR
  • Zonal OCR
  • Flexible Document Separation
  • Post-Scan Processing with VRS Corrections

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    If you have questions please feel free to contact us at 888-395-8570.

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    Virtually all businesses encounter the same concerns when controlling their document intensive business processes. All of them need to reduce operating expenses, adhere to data retention policies not to mention be prepared for disaster recovery. Nevertheless, small and medium sized businesses frequently lack the assistance of a large IT department, so their capture solutions need to be simple to install, operate, maintain and use, with minimal training.

    Kofax Express addresses this specific need. It offers robust capture features such as real-time image viewing; watched folder; automatic indexing with OCR and bar codes; database lookup; JPEG, TIFF and PDF output formats; and flexible export to Microsoft SharePoint, Kofax Capture and document repositories. It also includes industry leading Kofax VRS image enhancement technology that maximizes the efficiency of your scan operators. Kofax Express also offers easy installation and operation, enabling your organization to rapidly reduce costs and improve productivity.

    As a leader in the high speed all-in-one scanning industry, Kofax Express is here to eliminate your filing cabinets all while helping you save time and money throughout the process.

    Kofax Express Key Feature Descriptions:

    Intuitive Interface - By using the same interface as Microsoft Office 2007 Kofax Express has made it easy to access commonly used commands on a ribbon bar across the top of the screen. Invoking numerous Kofax Express features is only a single mouse click away which helps the scanner operators keep an eye on their work.

    High Image Quality - Innovative SmoothView™ technology allows you to easily manipulate multiple document images. Find, replace, gather, zoom, divide, rotate, swap, order and place document images in ways you never could imagine with a stack of paper. Also, with the included Kofax VRS, your images will look better than their paper originals without any pre-scan document preparation or fiddling with scanner controls.

    Searchable PDF - The Searchable PDF feature includes live text with PDF images, enabling users to easily and accurately search for information in PDF documents.

    Image Compression - Image compression captures crisp, clear color images while delivering the small file size of black and white images, allowing quicker downstream processing and improved process efficiency.

    Background Export - Background Export goes hand in hand with Searchable PDF and image compression. By processing these file types in the background, the scan operator can continue to scan productively in the foreground. Background export is also useful for large standard PDF or TIFF exports.

    Rubber Band OCR - Kofax Express users can now easily index documents by selecting the text in the document with their mouse. Kofax Express automatically populates the index field with the information highlighted by the user, saving keystrokes and making the indexing of documents faster and easier.

    Flexible Document Separation - Kofax Express can separate groups of documents automatically, eliminating the need to scan documents one at a time. Just fill your auto document feeder (ADF) to its capacity and Kofax Express will divide the batch into individual document groups automatically based on patch codes, bar codes or inserted blank pages. Kofax Express allows you to process documents faster than ever before by keeping your scanner in continuous operation while it handles the separation chores for you.

    Integration with SharePoint and Other Systems - Tight integration with Microsoft SharePoint enables Kofax Express to index, classify and deliver documents and data into SharePoint for easy and fast retrieval. Kofax Express also supports direct integration with Kofax Capture and provides an export API for custom or advanced export use cases.

    Point-and-Click Rescan - When a page is scanned with a folded corner, or a forgotten sticky note still affixed, or a double-feed that escaped detection, there is no choice but to rescan. In these instances, the “Pointand- Click Rescan” option makes the process as painless as possible by inserting the rescanned document in the correct position in the batch without rescanning the entire batch.

    Bar Code Capabilities - The enhanced bar code engine in Kofax Express can read most commonly used 1D and 2D bar codes, even those obscured with stamps, handwriting or coffee cup stains. Scanning in color improves accuracy further, allowing flawless decoding of bar codes at low resolutions (100 or 150 dpi). Kofax Express detects bar codes wherever they are placed on a page, even when they are skewed at angles.

    Visual Undo History - Everyone relies on the Undo button. But undo enough steps and it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve come from, what was undone and what can be redone safely. That’s why Kofax Express includes a Visual Undo History feature that shows the sequence of processes that were done – or undone – on any document image.

    Database Lookup - With the Database Lookup feature, the value entered in one index field triggers a database search to fill the other fields automatically, accelerating the indexing task while delivering greater accuracy.

    Zonal OCR - Kofax Express automatically extracts index field data from documents. Users can train Kofax Express to locate the key index information in a document and Kofax Express will automatically remember that location and extract the data from future documents, which reduces the time it takes to process documents and makes indexing much easier for users.

    Post-Scan Processing with VRS Corrections - If Kofax Express encounters a poor quality document it can’t convert into a legible image, it doesn’t shut down the scanner and wait for a fix. Instead, its VRS Corrections feature reserves the image for later inspection and correction by the scanner operator without needing to rescan the document. Kofax Express retains enough information from the original that the operator can manually correct the image after scanning completion, allowing the scanner to run without pause.

    Plus Custom Addon Modules:

    • Export Connectors

    • AutoBites - Combined with Kofax Express, AutoBites™ automates the import, processing and export of document images.

    • Booklet Splitter - Scan booklets without cutting and split the resulting images in individual pages.

    • Commander - Send commands to Kofax Express from your own software application.

    • Certified Mail Solution - Scan your registered mail with Kofax Express and print out registered mail forms to a printer of choice.

    • Digital Imprinter - Imprint index field values, logos, bitmaps, watermarks and bar codes on your scanned documents.

    • Folded Forms Splitter - Scan folded forms and split the resulting long images in individual pages.

    • Meta Tool - Extract index data fully automatically through OCR, cleanup images, merge documents based on an index field etc.

    • Scan Wizard - Takes the complexity out of scanning critical documents.

    • Custom Application Request - Contact us for custom solutions.