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How to scan Photo’s or Fragile Documents

A question that keeps coming up year after year. How do I scan Photo’s or Fragile Documents without damaging them?

Technology has changed so much in the past two years. I was reading through previous post & comments on and all have great suggestions wtih straight through paper path scanners, Flatbed Digital Copiers, Panetary Cameras and book scanners and all are great suggestions. Coming from a MicroFilm Background I love the Planetary Camera Idea.

Fujitsu took the book scanning technology, Planetary Camera and combined it with the ScanSnap Scanner and brought to market the ScanSnap SV600 scanner for a very inexpensive solutions for scanning fragile documents up to 11X17. We tested the scanner and I was very impressed the the technology built into this little LOW COST Solution.

Book Scanner
Fujitsu SV600 Over Head Scanner.

For more information on the Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 OH Scanner give us a call 888-395-8570. Suggested MSRP for the SV600 is $795.00

Book Scanner
Fujitsu SV600 Over Head Scanner

To gather more information on the Fujitsu SV600 Scanner visit us online at

Scanner One, Inc.  is a service Authorized Scanner Repair center and we offer Replacement Roller Kits/ScanAid Kits for all of the Fujitsu Scanner line. Fujitsu ScanAid Roller Kits

Feel free to call Scanner One, Inc. for any of your document scanner service needs. We can be reached Toll Free 888-395-8570

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