Kofax Express Low Volume Production Software
  • Scalable and Extendable with Multiple Workstations, Zonal OCR, Watched Folders, Rubber Band OCR, Database Lookup
  • Searchable PDF, Compression, Background Export, Export API, Batch Scanning
  • Enhanced Bar Code Reading, Including 2D Barcodes
  • Kofax VRS Auto - Crop and Deskew, Kofax VRS Thresholding, Kofax VRS Configurable Color Detection
  • Kofax VRS Advanced Clarity, Kofax VRS Content Based Image Rotation, Kofax VRS Punch Hole Removal
  • Smoothview™ Technology, Copy Page / Document, Merge Documents, Split Documents, Unlimited Undo
  • Manual Rescan, Insert Scan in existing Document, Manual Document Separation, Copy/Cut and Paste JPEG, PDF, TIFF and BMP images from non-scanner sources (e.g., X-Ray, camera) and add to document image
  • Automatic Document Separation based on blank page, page counting, patch or bar code, Indexing
  • Advanced Index Definitions (Field formatting, Default Values, Sticky Values), Define what parts of the UI are visible through application options (ribbon group level)
  • Scanner Performance Metrics, Single Page and Multipage Export Connectors, Kofax Capture Export Connector
  • Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 Export Connector, Access to Additional Export Connectors

Kofax Express Low Volume Production Software

Code: KOF-Exp-LowVolume

Our Price - $2,000.00

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